How To Delete Books From Your Kindle Library

Get Your Step By Step Screenshot Guide Here

With access to thousands and thousands of books on kindle and the ease with which to download titles,

 It’s no surprise that…

A time comes when you run out of storage space and you need to do some cleaning up.

Get Your Step By Step Screenshot Guide Here

Removing titles you are done with or even those you are no longer interested in reading is a skill that comes handy.

In this short, quick and easy to read guide, l will share with you how to do it and do it well. Before we get into the step by step process, here is an;

Important Note!

There are two ways to remove/delete books off your kindle!

Remove From Device

When you remove a book from Kindle, it is not completely deleted off your device, instead, it is archived with your purchase details so that if you need to download it again at a later date, you can do so without being charged again.

Delete book 

When you delete an item from Manage Your Content and Devices, in your Amazon account, you no longer have access to re-download the item unless you purchase it again.

So here is how to do it right!

Step 1: Go to and sign in
Step 2: Hover over Account & Lists
Step 3: In the drop down – Click Your Content And Devices
Step 4:  Select which books you would like to delete
Step 5: Click the delete button

Get Your Screenshot Guide Here

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