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How I Went From ZERO To BESTSELLER in 30 Days!

Nothing has felt this consuming like the ability to start with zero dollars and publish an ebook on amazon. Even better, to hit the best selling rank in just under 14 days.

For the sake of doubters, l put the title to 30 days but you can crash the limits and do it in just 2 weeks.

First of all, let me honest with you, l am not an expert on Kindle publishing but l crushed it to the top with very little experience and l want to share with you my secrets that the experts won’t.

Many people make it a complicated process, and this is why l was so afraid at the start, l thought it’s only the chosen few that publish on Amazon.

Well, take it from me – reading this ebook series puts you among the chosen few. Welcome to the table!

Quick Confessions:

  •  I have written about 10 ebooks now, not all of them have become bestsellers, but a number of them have become Number 1 New Releases in categories and one has hit the best selling rank as of now. All this in less than 30 days.

  • I am not a pro – writer. When l think of writing, what comes to my mind is those linguistic terms that make you dazzle like a romance novel. I am just a simple guy with a simple profile.

  • I spent zero dollars on my first best selling ebook. I wrote everything myself and uploaded it and followed a simple system that l will share with you in this guide

  • I am writing this in series and only in a Kindle format so that l can share with you what l know now for you to get started and l as l unlock new levels of information l want to be able to keep this conversation going.

  • Bestseller rank is based on a category and not necessarily the whole of amazon or Kindle Store.

I have made these confessions so that you understand that if l can do it, you can surely do it too. And you can catch up with me on this publishing journey.

That said, let’s embark on your first best selling e-book in 30 days step by step without leaving anything out.

First, let me outline the steps for you here and we will cover them in detail each step on its own.

  1. Choose A Great Topic People Are Already Interested In
  2. Write With The Reader In Mind ( Answering Their Common Questions )
  3. Model Other Best Sellers
  4. Design An Outstanding Cover
  5. Research Keywords That Will Help You Rank Well On Amazon
  6. Identify Categories Where Your Book Will Thrive
  7. Publish your E-Book On Kindle Direct Publishing


  • Add it in more categories ( Up to 10 )
  • Publicize on channels where your audience is
  • Continue to monitor performance and adjust categories accordingly

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