How To Cancel Audible Membership

A Complete Step By Step Guide With Screenshots To Cancel Audible Membership.

If you have finally come to terms with canceling your audible membership, we want to help you do that with a step by step guide with screenshots.

It shouldn’t be a difficult process, but having a step by step guide helps you avoid mistakes and complete the cancellation effectively.

Important to Note!

  • If you still have audible books that need to be returned, please return them before the cancellation otherwise you won’t be able to.
  • When you cancel your Audible membership, you still have access to the books you had already purchased.
  • Also, when you decide to use the service again, you will be able to purchase books and use the service again.
  • Interestingly enough, even when you have canceled your membership, you can still receive audible books as gifts from others and you will be able to listen to them.


You may also want to know that you can actually pause your audible membership.

This only means you won’t be billed for the service for only three months and after that, your billing will resume.

Alright… now that you know your options, let’s get into how to cancel your membership right away!.

Step 1: Go to and sign in your account

Step 2: Click on your account name to reveal the drop-down

Step 3: Click Account Details

Step 4: Click Cancel Membership

Step 5: Click No thanks, continue cancellation
Step 6: Choose the reason for cancellation and click continue
Step 7: Click Finish Canceling
Step 8: Check notification to confirm that your membership was canceled.


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