7 Ways To Sky Rocket Your Kindle E-Book Sales.

A Complete Proven Road Map For Beginners

The more sales you make, the greater your business becomes. And mastering ways in which you can engineer more product sales is a unique and wonderful skill.

Most people just write and dump their books on Amazon and some never check to see what they can do to improve the sales…

Well, you are not most people!…

And l guess that’s why you are reading this blog post. So let’s get to it.

1. Increase the number and quality of reviews your title has

Contact reviewers that have commented on other similar books and offer them, for example, a complimentary copy of your book.

Or find their contact information, send them a copy of your book and ask them for their review. But there is no obligation to do so.

I see that you have read and left reviews for other ebooks in the XYZ category and kind of figured that you enjoy reading material of this nature

I have recently published xy title and l think that you may enjoy and actually sent a copy to you 3 days ago

When you have a comment, feel free to take a look and if you are feeling extra generous… I  l would love to receive a review on amazon from someone who obviously knows their stuff when it comes to XYZ material

2. Take your best selling titles and translate them into more languages

If it’s selling in English, there is a very high chance that it will sell in other languages. Like Spanish, French, Portuguese and other languages

You choose the tiles that have a proven record of performing well and make them available to other audiences that would not read it in English

You can use free translators like Google translate www.translate.google.com
Bing translator  which used to be called “bable fish” www.bing.com/translate

Or You can later higher professional translators for your ebooks once good sales kick in.

3. Take your better selling ebooks and translate them into a physical book using a service like create space or KDP paperback.

Sometimes, people find joy in holding a physical book and getting your ebook into a physical format, not only increases your sales but also it increases your credibility as an author.

The good news is Amazon will place both your ebook and paperback book together which boosts your credibility

4. The more books you have for sale, and the more you keep adding to your virtual shells space, the better you will do.

With one kindle title, you can do okay but with 10 books you can do ten times better.

When you have more books, you have more ways to be discovered and once you are discovered, you have more options to sell to your audience

5. Exploit all platforms

Kindle is still king but you can upload your ebook to more platforms like create space, Barnes, and nobles, smash words, the Apple iBook store and even sites like lulu.com

6. Practice makes perfect

The more you stick with one idea and harness it, research it, study it and master it, the better you will be.

Stay focused!

No one becomes an expert on something without putting time in it.
Simply stick with it.

The more you jump from one idea or course or product or method, the less you will likely succeed with it. Focus on your publishing business and, master it

Ignore shiny objects and other ideas until you master what you have,

7. Build a list of followers and Subscribers ( Develop a list of guaranteed buyers )

The money is in the list.

The list that you will be building will be made up of diehard buyers that are interested in information in a specific niche, they will need more information that you can create and provide to them.

So use services like Mailchimp or Aweber. Then put links at the beginning and end of your ebooks sending them to your funnel.

But they won’t just go land click on the link unless you have a free gift for them.

So create a free material related to their niche that you can give them for free. That way they don’t have a choice but go get it.

Imagine sending an email to people and saying l have a new ebook out and having thousands go get it.

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