10 Tips To Fast Track Your Writing Skills

10 Tips To Fast Track Your Writing Skills
  1. Write a lot

The most important thing when it comes to writing is to write a lot.
The more you write, the better you become

2. Read a lot

Read a lot more than you write
Not only will you discover new content but you will become more open-minded to ideas

3. Read a little bit of everything

Explore more categories or genres so you discover more angles

4. Take a lot of notes as you write

Capture characters, ideas, and settings. When you know where the book is going, you can write it quickly.

5. Turn off the internet

It is simply so that you disconnect yourself from distractions 

6. Editing ( Edit as much as you can )

Explore your book, edit it, rearrange things so that its better and stronger 

7. Write books quickly but don’t publish them quickly

Let ideas seemer and be absorbed well before you put it out there in the public

8. Bounce ideas off people ( Find a good better reader )

Get people who can look into your book and see if it makes sense

9. Listen to music 

Music allows you to enter into more worlds and attract new ideas 

10. Write a great book

When you put in the work to write a great book, you set it up to win strong.

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